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Time's Up in Tiny Town

A fast-paced City Builder, in a pocket-sized world.

Time's Up in Tiny Town is a fast-paced simulation game, in which you build a town for a pocket-sized world... But beware, you will be held responsible for your decisions!

As mayor and founder of Tiny Town, you will score points on how large your population grows but also on how sustainable your town becomes. 
The more you build, the more land you acquire. And the faster your population grows, the more time you are afforded. But be sure to balance-out your production, your population's needs and your world's natural resources. Because if your environment collapses, so may your townsfolk know deprivation and famine!

Available now on Android, iPhone and Steam!

For more information: page

Genre: City Builder, Simulation, Time Crisis

Team: 2

Launch: September 2021

Platforms: AppStore, GoooglePlay, Steam,

Production: 6 months

Player testing: 3 qualitative beta tests ~10 players /beta

My role: Lead Designer, Artist, DeveloperPlayer Experience Manager

Tools:  Excel, Godot+GDScript, GLSL, Aseprite


  • Project design (pitch, scope, design framework)

  • Iconographic Research and Art Direction,

  • Mechanics and System design,

  • Asset Production and Shading,

  • Testing and Balancing (Organize play-tests, Feedback analysis,
    Game-data analysis),

  • Community management (Twitter, Reddit, Discord) .


Iconographic research and asset design iteration for the mine building

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